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A Client Focused Brokerage Built upon Honesty, Respect, and Service Seeking to Set a new standard of Service in Residential Real Estate.

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Mark built his business upon three core values that continue to guide him in his endeavors. It is Mark's hope that his values-based approach will allow him to provide you with a quality of service unlike any you've experienced before. He invites you to explore the three pillars below in order to better understand the principles that govern both his business operations and personal relationships.


Mark understands that all healthy relationships are cultivated through open and honest communication, which is why he presents information to his clients in a simple and straightforward manner. Above all else, you can trust that the advice Mark provides is unfailingly genuine and in your best interest.


Mark exhibits a deep respect for individuals both inside and outside his company and community. He believes that thinking and acting with this level of respect are imperative to forming positive relationships with his clients. While working with Mark, he will treat you as a person of value and importance with legitimate concerns and needs. 


Mark believes that every client's vision deserves to be fulfilled and works to make it so. While working with Mark, your vision will take priority as he guides you through to the end of a satisfactory transaction.

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Mark's Process

Mark prides himself on the service he provides each of his clients. His primary goal is to help his clients feel comfortable and confident throughout their transaction. In order to do so, his many years as a real estate broker have been spent refining the following process which outlines each of his transactions:

1. In order to create a truly effective and personalized plan, Mark must fully understand your vision. Accordingly, he invites each of his first time clients out to coffee so that he may listen to their conception of a successful outcome and how their life will change for the better after fulfilling their vision.

2. After outlining your vision, Mark helps you to create a customized plan to follow throughout your transaction. This process is intended to create convenience and confidence for Mark's clients and helps make their vision more easily attainable.

3. Once Mark has helped you establish a plan of action that best suits your needs, he will work closely with you to execute it. Mark will act as a guide by accompanying you to his best properties and introducing you to several of his trusted trusted landlords and sellers. Mark will continue to advise you until you're confident that you've found a property that best suits your personal situation and needs.

4. Mark's mentorship doesn't end with your transaction; he considers all of his past clients to be friends for life. After helping you achieve your vision, Mark checks in periodically to ensure that you're satisfied with the decision you've made and that your future visions are also fulfilled.

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Meet Our Broker Owner, Mark

Mark Mallek
Hear from your peers!

— Ruben Perez

"As a first time buyer buyer back in 2014, I really needed personalized service and someone with the knowledge and patience to walk me through the process. I turned to Mark Mallek for help, and he was absolutely incredible to work with. Mark not only spent time understanding my needs but also educating me about Brooklyn and how the different areas are evolving. Mark was extremely helpful and I was able to find a perfect condo in Downtown Brooklyn. His help and skill navigating the purchase process were immensely invaluable (including very complex condo approval process). Mark's knowledge and customer focus make him very unique and valuable. Thanks Mark!"

Mark Mallek began working in real estate in 2004. After working for several larger firms, it became apparent to him that none of them were truly client-focused or shared his core values of honesty, respect, and service.

Out of both frustration and optimism, he set out to create his own real estate practice that is grounded in his values, and truly client-focused. He wants to leave a positive impact on the real estate industry as a whole.

Over the past decade, he has honed his process for working with sellers, landlords, buyers, and tenants by encouraging fruitful communication so that his clients' visions for success are realized. In this day and age of mega real estate brokerage firms, it wasn't the easiest of paths but Mark is driven by a passion for his clients as well as a desire for raising the standard of service in residential real estate. 

Mark's biggest wish throughout a transaction is for his clients' dreams to come true in a way that fits in with their goals. He approaches his work with a high degree of sensitivity and with the goal of creating long term relationships.

Mark Mallek holds MBAs from Columbia University and the London Business School. While not working with clients he enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter, who he resides with in Brooklyn.

Why Choose Mark?


What makes Mark different from other agents?

Mark runs a values driven firm, where the pillars of honesty, respect, and service direct all of his actions. He uses a deliberate, detailed process that is focused solely on the clients and achieving their goal in a way that is congruent with their vision for a successful outcome.


Why should you choose to use a boutique brokerage?

​Mark's boutique brokerage is the antithesis of the volume-driven mega firm. His most valuable asset is long-term relationships, which in return result in referrals and repeat business. Mark also takes to heart that real estate transactions often correlate with major life changes and thus feels it is his duty to help clients navigate those challenging moments. Furthermore, many mega firms practice dual agency, which presents several moral hazards. In contrast, Mark represents only one party in each transaction. While other firms celebrate big commission checks, Mark celebrates his key role in his clients' major life events.


Does Mark specialize in certain areas of real estate?

Mark works and has a detailed knowledge of a large swath of Brooklyn and Manhattan real estate. He has studied and understands the fundamental market forces that are at play throughout New York City, which is not a single real estate market, rather a tapestry of ever-changing, individual micro-markets that act and react to trends in very specific ways. Even if Mark has not completed a transaction on a particular block or street, he has tremendous experience in analyzing conditions and determining the best course of action for each of his clients.


How does Mark have the same marketing power as mega firms?

Despite having a smaller firm, Mark markets on the same websites that all of the major firms do, giving him the power to advertise locally, nationally, and internationally.  Additionally, Mark co-brokers with every real estate agent in the city and has long-standing, strong relationships with several former clients.  


How does Mark successfully represent buyers, sellers, and landlords in different parts of the city?

Mark has tremendous market knowledge which he is constantly improving by monitoring property data as well as trends and events that affect many different markets in New York City. Mark's analytical skills allow him to develop strong strategies for a successful outcome for each of his clients, regardless of location.

Let's meet for coffee...

Because the beginnings of all great Real Estate transactions start by sharing a hot cup of coffee.

Lets meet for coffee Mark Mallek Site
No Obligation Consultation

Mark is confident that he can achieve the most positive results possible for each of his clients and wants to be assured that you feel the same way. To that end, Mark offers a no obligation consultation to each of his potential clients. He begins by listening to your vision over coffee because he would like to truly understand your motivations and what is most important to you while setting about the transaction. This consultation is an opportunity for you to get to know Mark's approach and who he is. It is also an occasion for you to find out more about the process and have your questions answered. After this consultation, his greatest hope is that you walk away empowered with more knowledge and a better idea of how to achieve your vision for success.

Contact Information

365 Bridge St., Apt. 9b

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Get together with Mark today:

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